About Jackie James

Jackie James is a unique online fashion store for the fierce & feminine. We love mixing bold colours, making unexpected – yet wearable – combinations and empowering women along the way.

Our collection is a true form of art, made to express and inspire. Instead of following existing trends, we make our own.

Every piece is an essential and well-made product for your modern wardrobe.

About me

I am pleased to introduce you to Jackie James! My very own creation that changed my life and I hope it will change yours.

Ever since I was little, I have always been passionate about fashion. I was literally born in the fashion industry. My grandmother, Jacqueline, started her own clothing business in the fifties. This business is still up and running and currently led by her two daughters, my mum and my aunt. However, it took some time before I also took the plunge to launch my own business. I started my career in a completely different industry. I completed law school and worked in the legal sector for several years.

During the past years, my personal life turned upside down. I got married and gave birth to our beautiful son James. Unfortunately, during this period, I also lost my beloved husband in a car accident. This was a turning point in my life. I needed something new, something that belonged to me and gave me the strength to carry on. Colors, models and fabrics inspired me and just like that, Jackie James was born. In honour of my grandmother, my beloved husband and our miracle son. Meanwhile, I met someone amazing and together we welcomed my second son, John.

I try to enjoy life each day an and live life to the fullest. I’m so grateful I can do this, thanks to my beautiful customers. Making my customers happy with Jackie James, makes me happy.

I hope Jackie James can bring that joy, not only to my own life, but also to yours.

Love, Britt

Hi there, welcome @ Jackie James

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